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We offer transport of neutral liquids in a highly resistant to damage flexible tank designed for use in standard 20'DV containers. At the moment, a flexitank is one of the cheaper and most effective solutions facilitating the transport of liquid chemicals and liquid food loads.

ISO Tanks

To transport liquid products by sea, including those classified as hazardous, we suggest using the ISO tank, i.e. a special steel tank placed in the frame of a standard 20'DV container. Containers of this type can hold 6600 gal / 25 000 liters of liquid in bulk.

ISO Tanks

We offer the possibility of transporting more liquid chemicals and hazardous substances in a SWAP BODY 23′-26′DV tank with a capacity of 35 000 liters. It is a steel tank in the frame of a standard container adapted for intermodal and sea transport.


We specialize in handling cargo in sea and intermodal transport in all latitudes by organizing transport in import and export relations. We provide "door to door" solutions.


If you want to store your liquid fertilizers, technical oils and other liquid products, including food products, safely and economically, we will help you to do it the cheapest and the best. We provide our services on all continents of the world. For years, we have been cooperating with the world's largest chemical corporations and world-class producers of fertilizers, industrial oils, animal feed and food concentrates.


We offer long and short-term rental of 20'DV containers and ISO tanks.