Storage of liquid materials

How to store liquids safely and conveniently?

If you want to safely and economically store liquid fertilizers, technical oils or other liquid materials, including food, we know how to do it the cheapest and the best way.


We provide our services on all continents of the world. We have the trust and many years of cooperation with the world's largest chemical concerns and world-class producers of fertilizers, industrial oils, animal feed and food concentrates.


For years, we have been making sure that the storage of liquid substances is convenient and safe for both product properties and the environment.


We focus on innovative technology and minimizing storage costs, and our service is based on easy availability and fast operation.


We offer various types of flexible tanks made exclusively of special, extra-strong and dedicated materials.  

The 21st century is the era of flexible tanks

They do not corrode, do not require a building permit and are suitable for storing any fluid that is not classified as hazardous

They are made entirely of impermeable and resistant to mechanical damage material, their size and capacity can be factory-tailored to individual customer needs. They can be stored directly on the ground, both outdoors and indoors

They are light and easy to store compared to standard containers. They are airtight and do not release odours, and their design guarantees the avoidance of dangerous accidents involving animals or children

They have 150 Kly UV resistance and direct sunlight. They withstand ambient temperatures from -50°C to +80°C

They are reusable, ecological and easy to recycle

They are available up to several days after ordering, and their price is always more favourable than in the case of conventional tanks

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Logistics Manager
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