How to transport liquids safely in a container?

E-FLEX is the industry's largest flexible container for transporting liquids with a capacity of up to 27 000 litres.

Made of a special material, highly resistant to damage, the bag has been designed for use in standard 20'DV containers. A properly selected one, changes a standard cargo container into a specialized unit for the transport of liquid materials that are not classified as hazardous.


E-FLEX exerts only minimal pressure on the side walls of the container. It is extremely easy to store before and after use. You only need 30 minutes to mount it. Its weight is only 60 kg. This flexible tank for transporting and storing fluid is adapted for operation at ambient temperatures from -50°C to +80°C.


At the moment, flexitank is one of the cheaper and most effective solutions facilitating the transport of liquid chemicals and liquid food loads.

What can you transport in flexitanks?

Chemical products not classified as hazardous: detergents, machine oils, liquid fertilizers, paraffin wax, paints and emulsions, glycerine, synthetic latex, printing inks, etc.

Food products: fruit juice concentrates, mineral water, vegetable and fish oils, liquid sugars and syrups, pastes and purees, fatty acids, wine and drinks, etc.

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