Tank containers SWAP BODY Shortsea

How to transport liquid chemicals and hazardous liquids safely?

Tank container SWAP BODY 23′-26′DV with a capacity of 35,000 litres is a container for liquid chemicals placed in the frame of a standard container adapted to any type of transport: road, rail and sea.


The overall dimensions of the SWAP BODY tank are: height 2.67m, width 2.55m and length 7.82m.


The SWAP BODY 23′-26′DV tank-container is suitable for transporting and storing almost every type of liquid, including liquid chemicals classified as a hazardous. It has two valves: top and bottom, so you can empty it by gravity.

What can be transported in the SWAP BODY 23′-26′DV?

Chemicals classified as hazardous, e.g. hydrochloric acid, neutral substances, liquid food preparations, base and mineral oils, drinks, fatty acids, juices, wine, water

Chemicals for the industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical or agricultural industries: glycols, plasticizers, dispersions, polyols, fertilizers, paints, glycerine, biodiesel, latex

Pluses of the Shortsea:

definitely more competitive in price than road transport, both in terms of freight and payload (in selected directions within the EU, up to 27000kg)

much greener than road transport

extremely safe, because most of the route is covered by rail and / or sea

loading and unloading works are carried out using local transport companies and drivers, which eliminates communication problems

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