About Us

Since its founding in 2009, service, quality and transportation excellence have been the company’s principle philosophy. Through innovation and determination, Sealand Logistics has managed to flourish amidst the economic uncertainty during this timeframe. Sealand Logistics is a privately held company which has grown to become a recognized world class leader in the transportation and forwarding industry. Our business is being a part of the service industry, with its core in containerized freight forwarding by sea as well as land.

Our enthusiastic team of specialists has many years of experience in the international shipping industry. They continue to expand their experience in the field on an ongoing basis. We pay personal attention to each and every shipment, supported by a worldwide network of partners. Together with these skilled professionals, Sealand Logistics has the experience and resources to help you reach all of your transportation objectives.

We bet on long term relations with our customers which let us better understand their demands while allowing us to work together to improve cargo traffic in order to achieve better results on t/t to avoid shipping surprises. When customers are interested in forming a strategic alliance with Sealand Logistics , they truly benefit from the cutting edge of improved service while raising their bottom line in business profits.

In closing, Sealand Logistics services are delivered by a competent team of highly motivated individuals who embrace change and take responsibility for leadership in productivity and innovation. Our reputation has been established by employing the highest standard of ethics and credibility. This underscores our firm commitment to service quality, and best logistics solutions we want to provide in a worldwide market. Nothing is ever “perfect”, there is always an opportunity to improve.

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